Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not Impressed with Blogger....

Can we NOT have a shrimp advert on a vegan site PLEASE?

Just to make up for that I am posting my clandestine pea and lentil curry that just 'sort of happened' on my stove top last night.

1/2 bag of frozen peas
1 cup of lentils
1/2 a red onion
4 little brocoli trees (I know there is a more 'grown up' name...but come on)
2 large tomatoes
raisins and walnuts at your discretion

1 tablespoon of chili and garlic curry paste
1 tablespoon of crushed garlic and ginger paste
2 cups of water to start and than as needed
1 tablespoon of tahina (I just can't stop using this stuff)

Add water, peas and lentils to large pot (I made the mistake of using a medium sized pot)
Let these guys hang out for at least 10 minutes on their own and then add your additional ingredients (with the exception of the walnuts).
The peas will become quite mushy...which is what I was looking for.
Let this simmer for another 10 minutes and than plate a top a bed of rice. I actually added rice to the dish while simmering....but it might look a bit more presentable if the curry is added to a bed of, let's say....jasmine scented rice...or brown basmatti.

This is the time to add your walnuts, tamirand chutney and perhaps a sprig of cilantro.


Totally Funky Site - and THEY came

Fantastic Site! The Animal Friendly Life.

I was poking around looking for information on the Foie Gras ban, and I found this excellent site. I was impressed with the amount of research and top notch writing that went into these pages. The links and podcasts are also quite useful - I found a whack of stuff that didn't make it through a 'Google' Search.

Well, with the rainy weather here (sorry about that BC) and the temperature almost acting normal I am happy to announce that VeganEssentials came through on their delivery promise. On Tuesday afternoon, with much fan fare (and an EXTRA 20 dollar COD charge...not from VE, but from CANADA POST) my heart shaped cowgirl boots arrived.

I felt like Cinderella. Wait - where is my prince? Can I be my own prince? Well, that will have to suffice for the moment. Anyhow, they are, admittedly, a wee bit eccentric and SUPER nerdie. But, hey, if you need to find a reason for working for a pittance as a College Professor, it might as well be the certain amount of permission that is afforded to you in the realms of acting and dressing rather odd.

I can also happily report that I found a pair of flats...thank you Transit - you have come through yet again. And....okay, I also bought a pair of knee high black boots....yikes. No more shoe shopping until after Christmas.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Now try this one Stacey!!!!!

I just made what may-potentially-quite possibly be the best curry I have yet to make.
It was the unique ingredients that made a surprisingly delicious taste party in my mouth - give it up for tahina and apricots.

Most curries that are made in the Daniel house are of two varieties:
1. The fruit curry (preferred by Keith, and accepted by me - though to be honest, I am not so hot on the pineapple-banana-apple with curry paste combo)
2. The spicy veggie-fu curry (adored by me, loved by russell)

Being out of Tofu, and not wanting to face a round at Whole Foods for the sake of some organic tofu, I decided to go sans protein and just experiment with some of the ingredients I had procured earlier in the day at The Bulk Barn - which I raided in pursuit of bread/cookie components.

So here is our ingredient list:

1 can of tomatos ( I used whole, but diced would be fine)
4 fresh tomatos - just added some nice texture
1 head of broccoli
1/2 head of cauliflower
1 red bell pepper
1 red onion (this was unusual for me - I am more of a spanish/cooking onion for my curries)
1 garlic clove
1 zucchini

1 heaping tablespoon of cinnamon and tamarind flavoured curry paste
1 heaping tablespoon of crushed ginger and garlic
2 tablespoons of tahini sauce (this was unexpected, but oh-so-delightful)
a handful of mustard seeds
whole cardamon pods (crushed yourself)
1 cup of apricots

Start with a spray of canola on the bottom of a LARGE pot, let this heat up and through in your mustard seeds - let these guys heat up until they start to pop, at this point toss in your onion with a splash of the tomato liquid. This this cook until your onions are see-through; add your garlic and garlic/ginger paste.

From here I added pretty much everything else and than let it simmer for 3 hours.
The vegetables melted in my mouth and the tahini thickened the curry without making it too sweet (a la coconut milk).
This was delightful. I served it with a whole wheat, raisin cinnamon bread that I made while the curry was a'cookin.

I also made a wonderful bunt-banana-raisin bread (that my students will be the recipients of tomorrow morning), and a nice little apricot and raisin bread.

What a yummy way to spend my day. It doesn't always have to be marking and working out now does it. I might need some additional workouts after the pig outs I had this weekend - however, it was the ONLY remedy for my 'didn't get the job' blues.
After a big tear-festival and with the kind words of mr. mcneilly I managed to realize that hey! at 28 to be interviewing for a permanent/tenure track professorship is pretty bloody amazing all on its own. So yah me!
I have already started to line things up for the next term, but it was really the work of the sushi I ate on Thursday AND Friday that made me feel better.....Check out Bento Box in Burlington - they will make you a vegan miso soup if you ask nicely. And oh my goodness...the avocado roll is to die for, not to be outdone by the sweet potato roll though.

What a wonderfully foodie-esque weekend.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ride Em'

Well, I did it. I finally purchased a pair of vegan cowgirl boots that I have been coveting for some time.....I just couldn't think of a reason to NOT get them anymore. I am waiting for them to come via UPS...and I am getting a little antsy. But, they are worth this anxiety; they are worth the trouble. The daintily stitched little hearts that float up the leg of the boot, and the veganacity of the whole purchase just make me shake with glee.

Now, I just need new pairs of flats and runners. The runners - no problem. I love Saucony! Many of the company's products are vegan AND it is managed by a woman....fantastic. Vegan AND they give me some of the best 10kms I could ever ask for. So the runners: I am thinking The Running Room. A bit more expensive, but I get to feel like I could do the Toronto Marathon in 2 hours when I am in there....positive folks and Canadian-run....just the way I like it.
But, the bane of my existence has been finding a pair of flats this year. All I need is Vegan, flat, black, and that too much to ask for it? Well, this season it is! It is the year of the heel, and being a lady-of-the-little-people I do feel the need to attach extensions to my legs on occasion. However, I am not one to 'flamingo' it on a daily basis - making me a not-so-ideal consumer during this recent invasion of the spike. Transit usually satisfies my need for dress shoes...not so much right now....

Shoes, shoes, shoes.....I can't help this fetish, I can't put them down, I can't stop, I can't hold back. But all of this purchasing does have a non-obsessive reality behind it....the buggers at GreyHound who lost my stock of vegan footwear....and want to offer me a measly 100 dollars...Imagine. Imagine. I am fighting; fighting with all the energy in this little vegan body of mine. But until I get the funds deserved to me I will keep coughing up in the attempt to restock my limited supplies....oh, shoes. Lost on the highway between oakville and must be so scared, so alone, so very unsure of where I have gone to. I might be able to replace you, but I will go on loving you (no matter how many pink hearts they stitch on my shiny new pair of vegan cowgirl boots).

Here is a nice little breakfast whenever you feel like having a raw week (which I am having):

1 Banana (sliced)
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/4 cup of walnuts
1 teaspoon of flax
2 dashes of cinnamon

Mix them together in a cute little glass bowl and there you have it - an energy packed breakfast. It is wicked tasty too!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Zinetastic -
I have been inspired to create a zine version of vegancowgirl! A rather wonderful girl-student in my Wednesday morning-impressed-anyone-makes-it-because-it-is-so-darn-early is a zinestress (in addition to a number of other superhuman talents), and her dedication to craft and indie art projects has struck a cord with me.
I have been looking for something to do, something a little bigger and requiring more responsibility than this little blog here...and to be honest, I can't quite handle my cats yet, so I don't think a child is the appropriate answer. So let's see if I can't birth myself a zine.

As noted, the zine will be a print version of VeganCowGirl, with the inclusion of reviews and submissions from other folkies (of the vegan and non-vegan persuassion).
Let's see how this goes.
Any thoughts or ideas are totally encouraged and will be lovingly applied to what ever is about to happen on my apple.
Ten Cent Magnificent!
Now there is a title for an email.
Actually it is a title for an email.
The email is in my inbox. Thanks Crackerjack.

Well, my fate is to be decided tomorrow. I just wish that it was over and I had the burn of too much interview chatter already spread across my cheeks.

Okay - I think I need to dedicate my next few postings to one of my favourite meals of the day -
Breakfast. I love you breakfast.

Having had my allotment of sleep (sometimes 10 - 5 30, sometimes 12 - 6 - really depends on the amount of BattleStar Gallactica I had access to), I love love love to wake up and feel the hungries exploding in my tummy. One of the really wonderful realities of being vegan is just how hungry sleeping can make me. When I was still dinning on milk, butter and every bite of cheese I could score I would wake up and often still feel full from the night before. Granted, this is more a sign of eating too late, too much and too gross - but none the less, this is a feeling that (for the most part - see any night that involves popcorn) has left me since giving up dairy and eggers.
So - I wake up with the power-hungries having taken over my gut and I find myself rushing through the VERY necessary first step of putting on the kettle. I want and need my breakfast, but I want and REALLY need my tea. But after the tea activation comes the anticipation...ohhh...what is it going to be......what will I do? what will I create? what will I bring to a slow simmer while adding a touch of vanilla?
Here are some of my breakfast favourites. Pictures to follow tomorrow morning -

1. Irish/Scottish or Conventional Oatmeal. Oh my god, this is the best. Just the best.
1/4 cup of oats, 1 cup of water, some vanilla, some cocoa, a tablespoon of flaxseeds and if you have it, a decadent addition of any (or all) of the following - banana, blueberries, figs (this morning) or dates.
The prep is soooo simple - throw oats and water in a small pot (the red non-stick from Ikea is fashionable and functional), bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer and add all of your extra love and goodness. At this point you might also want to add soya, rice or almond milk - it adds sweetness and smoothies it out a wee bit.

2. Pants not done up smoothie - this is for the mornings when I have only just managed to jump from the bed, into the shower, into a pair of pants, and into the kitchen with oh...tee minus 30 minutes until class.....
All you need is: 1 cup of soya or rice milk, vanilla, strawberries and a banana.....hello mr. handblender. DO it ---- you know what I am talking about. All the way! Whir that puppy up and there you have can drink your smoothie with one hand and finish pulling up your stockings with the other!

3. Scramble Me Tender: Okay - no eggs. just fu!
1/2 block of medium or extra firm tofu, some tumeric, some onion, some garlic and any other ingredient you would like to add to this little masterpiece.
Start with some olive oil in a non-stick pan and add your chopped onion. When the room is fragrant with the promises of your fresh breath, add the tofu and the rest of your ingredients. Move it all around in the pan until you have something that looks like tofu scramble. Done! Yum.

4, Don't forget Buckwheat. I think the big B will be my preinterview energy for tomorrow morning - with a touch of hempseed protein.