Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day Fourteen: Quick Post!

Just a quickie because Kevin and I are enjoying Chinese Take Away!

Hope you are all mofoing it up vegan style!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day Thirteen: Give Away!!!

What is better then a free book? How about a free book about nutrition?

The folks at BenBella Books Publishing contacted me and asked if I would like two copies of The China Study, one for me and one for one of my blog readers. But of course!

So, here is the deal, comment on today's post and tell me that you would like a copy of The China Study, which does seem to have had great reviews in The New York Times and other fancy-dancy papers of repute, and Aodhan will select one of you lovely folks to receive the book. I plan to review the book on here, once I have had a chance to give it a read. But, the gist is that it draws a variety of connections between government interest groups and the poor nutrition in the US (which can then be applied to other Western countries I suppose).

Today's Vegan MoFo is a simple lunch that allowed me to use up more of that tasty pumpkin and eat up some brown rice that I was craving like noone's business! I also threw in some edamame....though, they were a bit tasteless. The great news is that I have loads left over for lunch tomorrow.

Today's snack was super nummy and I have Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie to thank for the idea. She often posts about frozen grapes and I finally got around to freezing some grapes last night after our trip to the market. They really are fantastic! Thanks Katie - I will be doing this all the time now!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day Twelve: Tempeh Patties

After reading Bianca's post from last week, I had to give these a try. I wasn't in a recipe following mood, so I decided to skip the instructions in Vegan Brunch - a book which I totally adore - and just decided to wing it.

I steamed some potatoes and tempeh, mashed them together and added (not enough) spice. They were okay, but I think I should have followed some sort of recipe, because I would have liked them to be a bit more tasty...they were just a little bland. But they have loads of potential and I want to play with this combo. Yah for Tempeh.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day Eleven: Pumpkin Hummus and Pumpkin Pasta

It has been a very pumpkinny 24 hours. But, since I don't have my canned pumpkin to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a proper pumpkin pie, I thought I would substitute with some other pumpkin-goodness.

What we came up with was a Pumpkin and Walnut Pasta Sauce for our whole wheat penne, which, to be fair, was the brain child of both of us, but the elbow greese of Mr. VeganCowGirl. I on the other hand take full responsibility for the Pumpkin Hummus I made on a whim today for lunch. It was yummy-nummy and oh my gosh so easy!

I just added some roasted pumpkin slices to my already made hummus and I had an instant pumpkin hummus that worked great on top of a multi-grain bagel. And for the record - it is remarkably difficult to get a good shot of pumpkin pasta!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day Ten: Curried Pan Fried Squash

One of the best things about the Fall is the bevy of Squash (yes, I think Squash deserves Proper Noun status). They are everywhere right now! We have seen them in various colours, sizes, shapes and flavours! I love it!

One of my favourite ways to eat Squash is by pan frying it. Ok, so not the healthiest, or most low-fat way to eat your Squash, but you have to be naughty once and a while (and you will of course notice the bed of spinach underneath). For this particular treat (which I made during our internet down time) I went with curry spices, but you can do just about any combo of spiceygoodness with your fried Squash.

Num Num!

1/2 butternut squash - cut into chunks after the laborious work of peeling it
1/2 yellow onion - diced
2 tbsp of oil (I used olive oil)
curry spices

This isn't hard to prepare at all. Heat your skillet, add your oil, spices and onions. Let the onions turn transluscent before adding your squash. Add your squash and any water you need to keep things cooking, without sticking. I like to let mine get nice and crispy before serving. You could of course do this whole thing in the oven....but it doesn't taste quite the same. I served this with some Seaseme Flavoured Spinach and a Pumpkin Patty.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Day Nine - Let's Get Nakd

I am sure I have waxed lovingly enough about LaraBars for you to appreciate a smidgen of my obsession? And perhaps you are aware of the lack o' Lara out here in the antique streets of Brussels? Well, I have managed to find a replacement....sorry Lara. Kevin and I head out to StoneManor a couple of times per month to stock up on things like Puffed Wheat, Baked Beans and Bagels. StoneManor is a 'British Store' that is stocked full of things that are hard (read: impossible) to find in Brussels. I try to be good and not fall for the chickpeas that are in English packaging....we can get chickpeas here, but there are some good finds in this bursting at the seams shop. Enter - Nakd Bars, which are made by Natural Balance Foods. My fav so far is the CocoLoco bar, which isn't pictured (since I gobbled it up on the car ride home), but I also really like the way that they have their 'regular sized' bars and then these little 'nibble' sized bars - perfect for a quick snack, without having to eat a whole big bar (because who could only eat half?)

I also grabbed some of their Trek bars this time - which are higher in protien and also super vegan. I had one for lunch today and it was FANTASTIC. Loved it, and I love their attitude: cute, fun and healthy. I love their openly vegany ways and I get a geeky kick out of their packaging and design. Aodhan thought the wrapping was pretty well done too! Watch out got some competition.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

VeganMofo: Day Eight

Mmmm. There are some super delicious meals being prepared for VeganMoFo! So glad I am back online.

Kevin was about ready to pitch some dying bananas last night, when I saved them from the bin. This act of banana-charity meant that I had to get the led out today and make something with them or I would be inviting a Fruit Fly Convention. I searched through a couple of books and found an oldie but a goodie and made the Banana Coconut Cookies from How It All Vegan. How can you go wrong with oats, bananas, and coconut? You can't! These squishy little suckers are great!

Now, why have food without fashion? I admit that I am not in ANY way a fashionista - quite the oppisite in fact. Thrift stores, t-shirts with owls on them, black converse and back packs are the name of my fashion game. Boring maybe, but I have just never had the fashion 'sense' that some people do, and have accepted my geeksheek apparel. I do however see shoes as an essential part of any outfit, something to be considered whether we are talking business suit or jammies (fuzzy slippers anyone?). Don't get me wrong, I only own one pair of heels and I bought them five years ago to wear to a friend's wedding. I am a flat footer for sure. I just don't go in for buying shoes that are supposed to push my rump up for some dude's benefit while simultaneously breaking every bone in my feet. But, I do like a good runner (saucony), a good mary jane (earth-vegan) and I love my vegan Berkinstocks. However, I have been looking high and low for a wicked vegan clog - previously because with teaching you are on your giffers all day, and now...with being a mom, I am still on my feet all day. The ones I found previously - online of course - were either not really clogs, or too ugly to consider purcashing. But then I stumbled on Sanita - The Danish Design shoe folks, and low and behold...they had Sarah. A vegan clog. I loved her from first sight, but the price tag was a little much. Luckily, I have Kevin here to tell me that I need to spend a little money on something other then organic produce once and a while. So, yah, I have my vegan clogs and I vegan-love-em'. They are fabricy goodness on the outside and nice and sturdy on the inside. I highly recommend these babies if you are a floor pounding vegan!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Day Seven

Damn internet company! We were without any internet connection since last Thursday - so glad to be back online.

VeganMoFo Day Seven was a quick and nummy redo of my regular bean burrito. I substituted the tragically difficult to find black bean with chickpeas and white beans. They were fantastic!!! Boring photo, but great taste. I look forward to reading all Mofoing that has been going on while I was stuck without a signal!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Day One

One of my old vegan favourites: Ratatouille. I just love this basic meal. Always so nourishing and comforting. I made this last night for dinner, and enjoyed it even more for a quick lunch today.

Hope everyone is yummying-it-up for VeganMoFo?

And for Aodhan's fans, here is a shot of him in a rare pose: in his Bugaboo. Truth be told, this rather expensive purchase is NEVER used. At least not right now. He gets worn EVERYWHERE. I admit to my addiction for baby carriers...A Moby just came in the mail the other day! So, the stroller isn't on Aodhan's list of places he likes to hang. But, we did get out for a spin the other day, and he seemed to tolerate it well enough. Please note the vegan baby shoes and my Matt and Nat wallet peeking out the side! Accessories are key. And, can I just say: My baby is awesome!

Sorry for the less then stellar picture quality....charging the batteries for our Nikon.