Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blueberry Waffles

Who loves waffles? I do, I do!
Aodhan had an early morning visitor, and I had to use Vegan Brunch waffles to wake Kevin from the depths of Saturday morning sleep. It worked like a charm!!!

This is a fast post, but I promised a totally cool mom, who I ran into while visiting Kevin at work yesterday, that I would get back on the blog-horse. So, here I am.

These waffles were fantastic and I recommend to anyone who doesn't yet have Vegan Brunch to get out there and grab it. Everything I have made from it has turned out amazingly yummy. I used the Old Fashioned Waffle recipe and added about 2 cups of fresh Belgian Blueberries. The recipe made enough to store in the fridge for some breakie tomorrow. Yum Yum!