Thursday, July 27, 2006

Headed out.....
I swear I was going to get the plane....but see, I was watching TV and there was the goose, and some other big items that I knew I just had to see along the way - and hey! I am a teacher after all - what is the summer for if not for a little holiday? Right? Right!
So tomorrow at 4 am - I start my journey towards the west, towards the tofu rodeos and seitan stampedes. Can't wait.
Taking a place on a phone call is not advised, but it will do, it will do (Updates and photos to follow).
So, I have my first Calgary observations -
The folks are so very friendly - so friendly and helpful.

This vegan cowgirl has started to get a little choked up about things; saying goodbye is a little more difficult than I had imagined. Sarah, Kate and Emily by the far the most difficult. However, haven't tried (or even thought of) saying goodbye to my mom yet. Cowgirls are allowed to cry though right? That is a part of what makes them so cool right? That and their rabbit shirts? My mom is taking me out for my goodbye/happy birthday shopping spree and lunch (hopefully I can eat). This time next week I should be in my school setting things up and getting down to the scratchy of it all.
Speaking of scratchy - I was in a Chinese Grocery shop yesterday and one of the products they were selling was called:
Men's Pocky - now, 'pocky' is a most excellent desert (thank you mike and louise for my first pocky experience) but, I wasn't so aware of it being seperated by gender...interesting. It was quite neat to be at that shop yesterday and see SO many items from the grocery stores in China - very surreal.
Oh, one more foodie/out west item to relay - had a really wonderful lunch with mamere and jim yesterday - la luna's on brant. The food was great (fatoosh salad and a falafel for 9.95), but the company was amazing. I doubt I will be able to write from the road - and it might be a while before I get settled enough in my new Renfrew neighbourhood to find the time to write - so this will likely be it for a wee bit (not that anyone is reading this puppy). My last post as an ontario I go....

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