Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yummy in my Tummy!
Just wanted to share two things:
1. A really great recipe that I am calling Orange Feet Delight (please ask me why)
2. A recent new lifestyle choice that I am adding to my already 'freakish nature' (thank you mom).
1. Okay, so house sitting is always full of interesting opportunities in the world of food. You are left with a foreign kitchen, any variety of condiments, some rotting produce and, depending on whose house you are sitting, a HUGE motherload of dried goods (so my current summation is that housesitting for vets/doctors/dentists seems to be the way to go).
So you have this mismash of 'stuff' at your finger tips - and in my case you have a wack of time. This translates into going to the gym for long periods of time and working out so much that the car barely makes it into the drive way free from bite marks (I admit I was still killer hungry EVER AFTER stopping at the crappy Zehers for an apple and some FRESH dates). So hungry and equipped with a great kitchen, loads of food and a bunch of creativity I made a wicked little vittle that I want to share (or at least post so as not to forget).
Orange Feet Delight
4 carrots (peeled and chopped up however you like em')
1 or 2 sweetie pie tatters (peeled or unpeeled and diced up real good)
green onion
ginger (I used this fancy gourmet paste)
cilantro (see above)
curry paste (vegan)
hot sauce
soya sauce
I boiled the heck out of the potato and carrots and when I could pierce them with a fork and they had yet to dissolve overcooked goo I added the spinach and let it wilt.
I then drained the water, turned the burner to low and added all the rest of the yummy mess and let it cook for about 1 minute (remember how hungry I am here....) and man, oh, man - it was delicious! Just delicious.
Has any seen Ice Harvest with John Cussack? Awesome.
I will have to get back to the second part of this post tomorrow morning (when I leave one house sitting situation for another!!!!) Ohhhh...and I have a trip to the market tomorrow morning to look forward to!

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