Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's give it up for some of the really amazing vegan websites that are out there.
A web-savvy girl could feed herself for at least a billion years with the plethora of information that is available at your vegan-friendly-polished finger tips.

Some of my favourites include:
The Post Punk Kitchen - you can even down load some of the show (which is the egg and sperm of this website child) and cook away to some tunes.

Then there is VegWeb. I have to admit that this pretty little site (with its consistent vomiting of advertisements) has helped me out in a pinch....on a few occasions. Recipes are neatly indexed and there is even a 'meet a vegan friend' post board. This site started as a very 'animal friendly not totally vegan' site, however, over the last five years I have noted its slide on over to most things vegan.

The Vegan Chef is a GREAT site. Although the recipe portioning has been a bit off (and whose recipes haven't????), it is a fantastic place for inspiration.

Okay - I think that is a pretty fair helping...(okay, it is NOT a fair helping, but I am in the middle of moving and my big papa is a great papa and I don't want to keep him waiting)

carrots and peas for everyone! i promise more sites and links in the next few days.....althought with all this marking....who knows.

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youngbon said...

I hope you like my new blog. It is Baby Boomer Vegan. Here is the address:

I love your Vegan Cow Girl blog!