Monday, October 23, 2006

Two essentials - an oldie and a newbie.

Just discovered this new site. Great vegan bags.

And...listening to the all time sexiest and heart squeezing song of all time:
Hallelujah - lyrics by Leonard Cohen, sung by J. Buckley. (come on, just READ the lyrics...and than listen to the song)

Damn it. I will have to knit faster to deal with all of these emotions.

Sweaters abounding,

PS. the buckley would have to be followed by the second most heart-harrowing sound:
P. Gabriel's sound track for Last Temptation of Christ. Thank you Mr. M for my copy, I cherish it and all the memories. I can't wait to rescue it from my moving boxes and turn off the lights. Give it up for OISE and Parr Street.


mickeyfreak01 said...

Hey Lyndsay,
I just wanted to say that I would definately have to agree with you about this song. It's soo beautiful and heartfelt that it makes me want to weep.


professorblueberry said...

well than Rob we need to swap music than....a must!