Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sore Tummy?

I think it might be the heat....or the nervous mice that are collecting in the pit of my gut - either way, I woke up this morning with a sore tummy. I managed to get through a work-out, but, upon return from a busy day of document photocopying and Apple Adapter searching I was left feeling like the inside of my green bin on a day as hot as this - not so great.

Maybe it is all psychosomatic, not sure, but the little dinner I whipped up seems to be helping with the sore tummy:

1 cup of ginger/peppermint tea (I sliced the fresh ginger and threw it in my tea pot while I steeped some "CHOICE" organic Peppermint tea)

1 bowl of veggie broth, a handful of edamames and 4 sliced mushrooms. I added a little bit of cayenne to the broth. It was actually delicious. I am feeling a bit better and I am convinced that the food was the major factor in my recovery.


Arnon said...

So have you headed off to europe yet?

professorblueberry said...

just arrived yesterday.