Thursday, August 30, 2007

....Written on Thursday and posted on Thursday....a week to prioritize....

Great days and wonderful nights

Tonight capped off the seventh night in a row that I ordered red wine through osmosis...but I think eventually I am going to have to do it for myself.

Despite the warmth of the wine in my mouth I was inclined, for the sake of self-respect and other such limiting emotions to leave 2/3 of the glass on the table, opting to stumble across the street in order to respectfully fill my empty belly on Lebanese delights.

I have to say that Chatelaine du Liban was one of the most wonderful meals I have had since arriving in Brussels. I am not sure if it was the flavour of nostalgia floating around in my falafelled and hummosed mouth, or if it was the amazing company, or if it was the really tight t-shirt of the waitress, but I had an amazing time.

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