Friday, August 17, 2007

Cut the Kra (ft) p

I don't know if there are any of you out there with a serious Kraft Singles addiction (russell put your hand down - I know that you are off the cheese)? But, I can bet that a couple of you are still holding the hand of your Kraft Peanut Butter Bear? Do you remember the nostalgic glass jars that Kraft put out in the 80s? Perhaps they were trying to, through such cute marketing approaches, convince us innocent consumers of the fact that they weren't part of a megacompany with lobbying power worth over 101 million dollars?

Well, Kraft is full of some not-so-sweet treats. The evils of Kraft are oh so evident, despite the recent release of good looking pseudo health products like "100% peanut" peanut butter, and some sinfully delicious looking spreads that combine the best of the nuttella and PB worlds.

The parent company of Kraft is none other than Altira, which has a large monopoly on tobacco sales in the USA, producing many of the seemingly competitive brands of smokes.

Now, there is no judgment here - if you want your Kraft Bear, than go for your Kraft Bear. (And for that matter, if you want your smokes, than puff away). But, if you are looking for something to boycott, if you are looking for a little bit of 'wow, I am so great, I did something really political' than get that tub out of your pantry, throw the singles in the garbage, and pull the KD off the menu (EMILY!). There is something about food (which, should, on principal, be about nourishment and health) and tobacco (which, in reality, is all about: death, evil marketing programs and massive health care expenditures) that just don't seem to fit together.

Don't know...just a thought.

There are some really great and inexpensive peanut butter products out there, and of course, there are a million options for cheese (if you are of that persuasion) and President Choice makes a kick ass 'mac and cheese' that I would have killed for in my pre-vegan days - beats the hell out of KD.

Just some thoughts.

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