Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love will tear us apart, but baked plums will not.

I have been in Macclesfield for about 24 hours, and both dinner last night, and breakfast this morning were totally vegan party platters.
The plane ride from Brussels was fantastic until the crashing bounce that capped off the flybe experience. Unfortunately, despite it being 4 30pm, it was dark when we arrived and the country side that I am sure exists between the airport and Buxton Road was not taken in. When we arrived I was immediately put at ease by the two gallons of soy milk that were living in the fridge. Kevin's mom made an amazing meal of chick pea and fava bean risotto that was all totally vegan and super yummy. I haven't been graced with the exact recipe but I think I might be able to give the ingredients a try:

Arborio Rice
Fava Beans
Chick Peas
Yellow Pepper
Fresh Oregano from the back garden

The meal was accompanied by a really fresh salad (I have to admit I was secretly admiring the salad from the get go - Brussels, though I love you, lacks really fresh looking salad greens).

Dessert was a really well baked dish of plums. The simple flavours of this desert was a perfect accompaniment to the subtlety of the main course.

Breakfast started with a cup of tea (with SOY MILK!) and a bowl of make your own granola (YES!) - the DYI component of the meal only made me even more excited and I went for:

3 dates - chopped
2 apricots - chopped
1 got it....chopped
200 grams of oats
a splish splash of soy milk.

Wicked Yum!
Promises of pictures......

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