Saturday, October 27, 2007

What better for my 100th post than: Dorset Cereals.

I am pretty sure that this cereal is by far and away the most unbelievable cereal to grace the shelves of the local shop. Stop what you are doing and go and pick some up.

In fact. I vote for you to eat this cereal for breakfast, skip lunch (because the oil drenched shite in the refrectory can not be choked down for one more meal), and then, have it for dinner - instead of pulling up your socks and just admitting that you really want to go out for dinner.

Yah. Do that and then be sure to let me know what the response is. I vote for the super subtle cherry, raisin, blueberry variety. You won't even notice your teeth rot out of your gums. One more thing - when you wake up on Saturday - have it for breakfast before going out into the grey world of delight.

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