Monday, November 05, 2007

Best Vegan (Recess) Snack Contest

I need some assistance in selecting the best vegan recess snacks. Here are the contenders:

Banana - all by itself, peel it and chomp

Soy Drink
- in a handy little tetra pak (watch the recycling in your community though - if you live in Calgary or Manchester you are out of luck)

Sliced raw veg
- quick and not mega messy

Left Overs
- whatever is staring at you in the morning when you open the fridge. (my choices this morning were rather limited as I was SO late.......damn car alarm at 3 30am).
What do you think?

Don't be shy....share your thoughts. I have had enough private little emails to last me a life time, share via the POST button below. I have high expectations, and would love some ideas - even from you meat eating vegancowgirl readers...carlos, MEGHAN, rob, heather, claudia, emily, michelle, kevin....let's get this on!

Oh...and check this out while you are at it. This site comes highly recommended from the ISB Physics department. Please watch the Sunday Cinnamon video.


Anonymous said...

I do try and avoid processed foods but I always stash some pop-tarts without icing in the pantry for snacking emergencies. Yes, they are considered vegan but no, not healthy.

professorblueberry said...

pop tarts ARE vegan - I had this discussion with someone not that long ago.....Thanks!

Carlos said...

if it were up to me, i'd go with the veggies. there's something to be said about a "grab and go" snack that is utterly organic and delicious. although i must admit if there are leftovers in the fridge the priorities of waste management and starving citizens spring to mind. lately i've been enjoying a good granola bar (apple and cinnamon, or s'mores) for my "recess" - but is that considered vegan? are marshmellows vegan?

professorblueberry said...

marshmellows are not usually vegan...though, if you live in Oakville and have access to that giant WHOLE FOODS than you have some choice (they sell vegan marshmellows)...or you can buy your professor some really good chocolate cake to make up for doing something that was actually really sweet in the first place.... :)
It is the pectin and other chemical/processed bits that make them non-vegan. But...loads of granola bars ARE vegan....

bean said...

fresh raspberries and vanilla yogurt