Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Feeling a little challenged?

I am taking on Susan V's (of the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen blog) challenge to fix a recipe that she blundered some time last week.

The goal is to take the majority of the ingredients used by Susan in her self-proclaimed 'flop attempt' at making Thai Pumpkin Croquettes and substitute the failed can of pumpkin with something that 'works'. My list of items to add are: zuchinni and lentils, and use corn starch instead of wheat glutten and omit the brown sugar.

My goal is to fit this in sometime tomorrow night between cycle class and bedtime. I have to have a photo and the recipe in by November 11th at midnight and I can't imagine Arcade Fire is going to let me use their kitchnette to cook anything......and besides when you can hunt down whatever it was that inspired the depressive but delicious writings of Kafka, who has time to bake Croquettes?

Anyway, wish me luck!

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professorblueberry said...

It didn't happen. The result of Thursday's late afternoon meeting was me being ready for a lay down. Which, of course, is not condusive to making dinner...however, despite NOT making the croquettes, I did enjoy a pretty wonderful stir fry.