Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hanging in Macc

Thursday was a day of slow baked food, hair cuts and a trip to Marks and Sparks

The morning was slow and greyish, and with Oats in my belly I headed out in search of a hair dresser. I found an alright place, where for 37 pounds I now have a reshaped cut and my mullet is no more.

While we were out, Dr. E. H used the left over squash and whipped up an amazing lunch: soup and some really great bread. She knows everything there is to know about Obsidian AND she can cook up a storm! After lunch we headed out for a long awaited outing - Marks and Spencers...which used to have a home in Hamilton, but, by the time I had any spending power, had packed up and moved back across to the UK. It was loaded with folks being pushed quite forcefully into the Christmas spirit....but I found underpants in the plenty and a new little black dress (they sell in PETITES!!!) We also went through TESCO's and found some tofu and some descent looking mushrooms.

To accompany the really amazingly well roasted sweet potatoes (that went with the lamb K and his poppa had), I put together a triangled tofu dish that turned out really really well!!!

Pomegranate Tofu Bake

Here is what you need:

Extra firm tofu (cut it into triangled pieces)
1/2 a pomegranate (all the little bits separated from the pith)
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Rosemary (Not toooo fresh - Kevin washed the cat pee off before handing it over)

Turn the oven to gas mark 7

Oil a baking pan and throw in your triangles. To prevent them from sticking give them a good bath in quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar - add the herbs and pomegranate seeds and mix. Send them into the warmth of the over for about 45 minutes, turning maybe 2 or 3 times.

They were AMAZINGLY yummy.

We washed the night down with some really good red wine and a couple of Marcelinni chocolates. I also found and read some really great British cook books on Thursday - will share in my next post...but they were so great that I went out to fetch them on Friday afternoon.

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