Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I had grand ideas about being a vegan in Spain, some of which still might come true. However, last night, after a delay in Brussels airport and than a 40 minute drive in the airplane from our runway to our deboarding area, I was hardly in the mood to battle my way through a veggie-only tapas conversation (trying to explain that I wasn't Kevin Healey, nor was I Mrs. Healey, but YES we are sharing accommodations was more than enough).

Some quick thinking on Tuesday morning saved me from going hungry. Hidden inside my checked baggage was an apple, a bag of oats and a tonne of dried fruit and walnuts. I tucked myself in with my new Eco book and got down to making my way through the ziploc bag of dried fruit. I awoke this morning to find empty plastic bags stuck to my face. Super hot.

The room is lacking in the usual coffee maker, making it impossible to start my day with any oatmeal, or the bags of green tea that popped out of my desk and into my bag before jetting off. We'll see about this. I have a pre-conference institute buffet awaiting me at lunch time today - fingers crossed that I won't have to forage in the streets for a bit of lettuce.

Just as an aside, I don't usually talk about the kids I work with, but yesterday, they just went beyond what I could have expected from them. I came in feeling quite blue from some news that was sent to me on Monday night. Despite the comfort of some jumpered arms and a bar of chocolate, I was still feeling hit in the stomach with sadness. I had to tell my kids that I was just feeling sad, and that I wasn't mad at any of them, but that I just needed to be quiet. After a wonderful morning of whispers and random acts of snuggles, I came up from lunch to find a handmade card on my desk. Full of love and support my kids put their thoughts on paper....holy cow. AND than, checking my email this morning I noticed that one of them had also sent me an email telling me that she was sorry that I was sad and to have fun at my conference......I am so lucky to have these kids in my life. They deserve a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies as soon as I get back. (I admit to using smarties to teach math and as little treats....not so vegan).

Ok - enough gushing about 5DA. I have a conference to tackle and a Sasquatch to await. me your olives! Damn it, I didn't wear this bunny shirt for nothing.

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