Friday, December 21, 2007

Hmmm...what am I doing? Sitting in the Brussels International Airport. Am I getting ready to board a flight to Philadelphia that will seamlessly connect with my flight to Toronto? Nope. I am delayed, I am grounded, I am stuck. And worst of all....I am drinking Diet Coke. Lord Help Me Please.

Nice and early I arrived. Ready and excited. After having said a rushed goodbye to a beard free donkey, I lounged in bed for a couple of hours, making my way through David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, and occasionally stopping to close my lids and imagine all the good food and fun that is awaiting me in my home and native land. I took my car to the Chateau at work, called up a taxi and raced it over to the see the garish and hideous yellow letters scrawled across the departures board: DELAYED. Well, what the fuck?

I just wasn't ready for this. However, I kept emotional meltdown at bay by chatting with a civil engineer from Georgia and a yoga sweater wearing girl from London, Ontario. I was informed that the kind folks at US Airways have bumped me to a later connections...that should get me into Toronto at....oh....3 am Brussels time.

So here I sit. I am of course, paying through the nose for my internet connection that is allowing me to type away to fellow vegans and curious readers. And what to eat? Well, luckily, thanks to Tsampa, I have a couple OSKRI organic bars in my bag.....but I am not feeling too much like munching today - a reciprocal feeling, I am sure, to the massive meal that I tucked away last night as we celebrated the end of a school term and the start of a holiday. Great chick pea dish done with a hedonistic slathering of tahini. Oh my.

Just as an aside - has anyone EVER seen a deicing machine for airplanes in action? It is pretty awesome. Imagine if a cherry picker, a crane and a ferris wheel had a baby?

In more exciting news - I got a great load of holiday gifts from my kidlets - everything from a free trade oxfam tea pot and Pierre Marcolini christmas balls, to Body Shop Cranberry Body Cream (MY FAVOURITE SMELL - memories of 2003 all the way) and really amazing olive oil. Had a great time yesterday and wednesday - ice skating, cookie decorating, card making, movie watching. Being a professor was an amazing job...but really, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats holding the hands of two ten year old children, one from Japan and one from England, who are learning to skate for the first time. Wow.

I also got my first non-kid-given present last night. I was wickedly wonderful, in a humorous and culinary sort of way. I was already in bed and got to unwrap it all from the comparative warmth of my bed (for a temperature gauge of the rest of my flat - I was in bed, under my duvet wearing a long sleeve shirt, a pair of tights and a bath robe), and it was not anything I could have guessed. I was forewarned about the relative obscurity of this gift - so of course I saw this as a challenge and wanted to take a guess was a hypodermic needle and S&M rubber hosing. I was close. It is actually a kit, complete with rubber tubbing, agar agar packets and one uses the syringe-like tool to pump the tubbing full of the agar (plus other sweet or sour flavours and colours). The force of the 'pump' pushes out spaghetti style 'noodles'. Totally wins the prize for the most original and interesting gift! I am looking forward to some good times with it...and some pretty cool posts for sure.

Well, I suppose I should sign off and get back to waiting!!! Yes. Waiting. Hours of uninterrupted waiting!

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