Friday, February 08, 2008

I plan on being out of contact for a while this next week commeth.

The northern reaches of England (which are apparently lacking in vegan options) will be my home for Reading Week. After birthday celebrations just outside of Manchester, we are headed for the Coach House in Crookham. I have fingers crossed for day trips to Hadrian's Wall, Lindisfarne (Holy Island), and I would love to see some of Henry VIII's army's battle sites. We are spending our last night away in Durham, hunting up ghosties and other ancient memories.

Perhaps the part of the trip that I am most looking forward to is my pair of yellow (and I mean YELLOW) rain pants that I hope and pray I will get to wear while hiking. Please, please let it be wet enough for me to wear these pants. They go really well with everything.

If I get the chance I will try to update, otherwise, expect vegancowgirl to return sometime the week of the 18th.

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