Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My lunch and breakfast were much too boring (breakfast = rice puffs, lunch = miso) to go into any great detail about.

The slight exception might be how, during lunch, in a very Lyndsay-esque kind of way, I spit my food all over my colleague (in her ear, while laughing hysterically, I said: "Its all vegan!" As though that would make up for the soup marks on her left sleeve.)

In much more exciting news: I am going to be reviewing a new vegan cookbook. Robin Robertson's: Vegan Fire and Spice, which you can already pick up through Vegan Heritage Press - Robin's very own publishing house. I will be sure to keep you up to date on which magazines/sites will be publishing the review(s). Three cheers for Robin, her new book, and the press.

Speaking of books. After being spit on by yours truly, Britt did me the kind honour of sharing a fantastic book, called: Dog Food. This New York Times Book Reveiw Best Illustrated Children's Book Award winner is hilarious. Check it out online if you get the chance.

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