Friday, February 22, 2008

When it all goes wrong...

It must be said. It is time to fess up. It is time to come clean.

The VeganCowGirl isn't perfect.

I know it is hard to imagine a night going past when I don't crank out amazing acts of culinary creation. But, sadly. It is true.

In fact, it happened last night.

Visions of tasty gourds and crispy tofu danced in my head as I puttered around the kitchen, I had a dream. I had a goal. (maybe that was the problem). Dreams and goals were quickly extinguished. I knew - long before I put the fork to my lips - it sucked.

One could easily pull a Lydia Bennett and blame other elements of the night. The fact that I was using the stove top to cook the squash (roasting was the obvious choice, but I am still without an oven) wasn't helping, and the tofu was decidedly less EXTRA firm than the packaging had led me to believe. Of course I could take this route of causation realism. It would be totally acceptable.

But, no. Like so many others I am choosing to place the blame on myself. Or, so I did last night as I sat on the rug and started to make direct links between the questionable dinner service and the war on terror, global warming and the fire on Queen Street West. My fault. All of it.

Good thing I am eating out tonight - another flop and I could be responsible for the coming of the anti-christ. (Anti-Christ. Now that's a title. "Hey, I am the anti-christ". Though, that isn't really a title one takes seriously if someone has hung such heavy nomenclature on their own shoulders).

Oh well, I suppose that I can save the world by whipping up one really good weekend wonder over the next couple of nights.

Hmmmmm....what shall it be?

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Ben Kaelan said...

Your posts about chili and squash are making me hungry whilst juice feasting! nooooooooo! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I think I might wait another 52 days before visiting yours again... no offence... I'm just drooling here! :)

- Ben