Friday, March 21, 2008

I know it doesn't look pretty, but the gesture is out of this world.
(and an eggstravagant edit)

My work has a cafeteria. It isn't really a place frequented by many vegans (, so, they tend to offer me one choice - salad. This is fine. Really, honestly, I have no qualms with the salad option. Chopped carrots, organic lettuce, corn, even the occasional cold quninoa, black and green olives, artichoke hearts. Arguably a veggie parade. No complaints. No problems - when I don't feel like eating salad I raid my fridge and do my own thing - cool.

In the past while there have been a number of faculty events that have required catering on the part of the cafeteria staff - which means I have had to be specific about my "Special Needs". Each request has been met in the nicest of ways. Excellent.

BUT....the topper came yesterday, when, on route to capture my salad, the head chef anxiously grabbed my attention and told me that she had something for me. She had gone out of her way to make and then save a vegan plate of tofu and basil. I was so touched. This chef is Belgian, speaks little English and has trouble understanding my Canadian French, but she has always gone out of her way to make sure I had what I needed - but this is a truly kind gesture that I wanted to acknowledge in a bigger way than my copious "thank yous". I ate the tofu over the past two days...with some of the salad. She even bought me my own sleeve of rice cakes. I still can't believe it.

People can be so kind and thoughtful.

i have more goodness to share

This day has proven to be full of kindness and thoughtfulness.

One of the best things about working with children is how often they remind us about the way human beings are capable of treating each other. One of my little stars, who reads Jane Austen books, plays the violin and loves to write stories, just gave me a little Happy Easter packet - complete with a homemade card. Walking away from me, she turned and smiled while saying "They are vegan......" How excellent. I have already eaten the bum off the chicken. Thanks Maddy!


Rural Vegan said...

How thoughtful - it's so nice when someone restores your faith in humanity every now and again!

Happy Herbivore! said...

How wonderful & thoughtful! I love to hear about these kinds of "happenings" like rural vegan said, it restore my faith in humanity!

on another note, I will be testing the pie crust again today when I make tarts.

Jennifer said...

Argh, the special needs. I went on a business trip and made sure to let them know ahead of time that I was vegan. I don't think that they knew what a vegan was because they brought me out an egg dish loaded with cheese with a few sad raw veggies on the side. All I ate was the veggies, I was so hungry all day!

How sweet! That is so nice of her to make something special for you! I bet that made your day. Small acts of kindness are what allow me to hold out hope for a better world.

Oh and that little girl giving you vegan chocolate? How thoughtful.

I bet you had a smile on your face all day. I have a smile on my face just knowing that there are still kind thoughtful people in this world.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful story! what a thoughtful person! i'm sure that made your day!

Liz² said...

haha, the bum off the chicken! but seriously, that's SO kind of them both to consider you like that. And vegan easter candy! that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just ate half a dark chocolate chicken. And, can you guess the brand? NEUHAUS! Now, that is what I call good chocolate. :)

Happy Easter! Oh, and have a great weekend!

Bonnie said...

I think that lunch look pretty good, actually. It's so nice of the chef to make that for you! And the story of the girl who gave you the Easter packet is so sweet - all in all, this is a happy post :)

Veggie said...

That is such a touching story, how sweet.

Happy Easter!

Paulina said...

You are so lucky to have people like that who are willing to accomodate you in every way. If only everyone was like that...

missblueberry said...

Hey Liz - so glad that my humour is appreciated! Thanks for your thoughtfulness about the vegcon recipes. Mucho appreciated.

Jennifer - I totally share your business trip pain! I remember when I first became vegan and I went to a wedding - they brought me out a steaming plate of alfredo What they brought back was a plate of peas. Just peas.

Hey Bonnie - It was actually pretty tasty.