Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love Vegetarian Times for the smart names it has for features, such as: Carrot and Stick, and it always kept me company during my long commutes on the TTC and GO Train. So clearly can I recall raiding the Gladstone and College branch of the Toronto Public Library for as many back copies as I could possibly find, and there was nothing more exciting each month than seeing Ms. Lyndsay Daniel on the address bar of each new VT that made its way to my mail box.

Occasionally, I would get inspired by one of their feature ingredients, where they demonstrate some brainy economics by creating 5 dishes with the same ingredient. Recently, there have been two new mega reasons for chanting the divine within this publication. The first is the magazine's decision to publish its April issue electronically. Way to go VT, a great way to put your carrots where your mouth is and save a couple of trees. I enjoyed my copy on my tablet.

But, that little notch in VT's enviro-belt is nothing compared to what the magazine did for me last night! K and I were treated to March 2008 recipes care of one Ms. H and her soon to be husband for the second time, Mr. C. My only contribution to last night's menu was the wine. I was most impressed with the filling of the tacos and Ms. H's desert - which, didn't feature in the above mentioned March issue - you will have to come to Brussels to indulge.

K and I will be making a cross-continent journey to participate in the nuptials of H and C. And I do mean participate - their wedding plans make our simple ceremony look like a day at the geriatric home. Ceremony in Berlin, bus trip to Poland, Polish wedding reception/breakfast and trip around the local city. Should be brilliant (but no way could the wedding be as cool as tasty as last night's dinner). See the dishes below!

Ring the Bike Bell Vegan Extravaganza Dinner Menu

Cabbage and Carrot Slaw
Chickpea and Avocado Taco Supreme
Mexican Rice
Rhubarb and Strawberry Parfaits with Cashew Cream

Tonight's menu has yet to be planned (read: improvised), but something special for K, who has had a stress filled month and little breathing room.

PS. Anyone who is interested in setting up a magazine swap/club let me know!!!



I just made the tacos and the slaw this past weekend.
They were amazing.

Happy Herbivore! said...

every VT recipe I tried came out horribly :(

Anonymous said...

i don't get magazines... is VT great?

Bianca said...

I love that taco section this month! I want to try the Jamaican ones with tempeh and pineapple.

VeganCowGirl said...

Vegan Tickles - They were great. I only had one with the taco shell, but had another helping of the innards - holy cow were they great. Really love the combo of avocado and chickpeas.
And how pretty is the slaw!

Stonie - you can get VT totally electronically - check out Zino.com. They do a whack of online mags, which is great if you aren't in the U.S.

Bianca - can you suggest a replacement for the pineapple? I hate hate hate warm pineapple.

HH - Well, I am SURE your recipes are going to be a million times better anyway :)

Veggie said...

Yum, that dinner menu sounds so tasty.