Sunday, July 20, 2008

Broadcasting Live From Italy

One of the less pleasant aspects of adjusting to life in Brussels is learning to put up with administrative realities of time - something which, runs like molasses in January during 10 months of the year, to then, grind to an incomprehensible halt during the summer months. One is actually told that their phone can not be hooked up because "we are all on holiday and there is no one to drive the trucks". To ask a question that our good friend Andrea broached during a great Indian dinner this past Tuesday - "This is the capital of Europe, right?"

Hence my lack of posts. Funny, now that we are nestled - literally - on a little hill side in the quietest bit of Italy - where the closest human contact is the herd of leathery-skinned old men who are roosting in the middle of the otherwise unused square - we have wireless internet. We are staying on a farm, YES a farm!!! complete with so many animals it is going to take the next three weeks of posting to introduce them all to you - and have just gotten home from a day of hiking and town-exploring.

Before we left for our holiday, we did manage to settle into our fantastic new apartment, and between cleaning up the last place and trying to sort ourselves out, I was back in the kitchen and doctored up quite a few delicious yummies, of which I will just share the photos.

Stuffed Peppers

GreenBeans with Mushrooms
Chickpea Mashup

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