Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in The Saddle

I have missed my blogging world with big giant heartaches (to go along with my BIG GIANT BELLY), but I was feeling pretty strong about my convinctions not to blog. The mini-drama story can be summed up in one paragraph (which you can skip if you hate drama in your recipe box):

So about the time of my last post, with the help of my statscounter, I realized that K's ex was reading both of my blogs. Yuck. I didn't like this. I fought it for a little while, trying to shore myself up with my convictions about how the blogsphere SHOULD be an open and translucent place to share and breed ideas. But, as she trolled through pages of archived posts, and spent hours of coffee breaks reading about mine and K's adventures in our vegan wonderland, I just didn't feel like giving her anymore food for thought. I could have sent her a little email, or posted an open letter on the blog, but...K was wrapping up some legal bits and nigglies with her that needed to be put to bed before I felt that I could trust her not to call her solicitor and mess the whole thing up for a wonderful man who has had his share of non-vegan shit from her. So, I just waited and read all the lovlie vegan blogs and some of the new baby blogs I have discovered.
But - the gloves are off, the house has sold, the money is in the bank, and this VeganCowGirl wants the message to be clear - Don't read my blog. It's not cool. Of course you might have had some curiosity about his new chick, but you have read enough and seen enough Sherlock. Don't read my blogs - not either of them. Unless of course you decide to become a VeganCowGirl yourself - in which case, might I suggest you check out some of the other amazing and wonderful blogs on my blog roll!

Ok - drama over. Back to serious business - FOOD.
In my long absence I have been cooking up a storm. I have started to nest like a birdie, and spend Sunday mornings stripping the farmer of his goods, and run home to cook and bake for the entire week (though, this week I am a little behind because K's mom came to stay for the weekend and we had other journeys and adventures to undertake). It has been a fantastic foray into the world of housewifery! I am loving the pre-planning, and list making, filing my Apple desktop up with "Weekly Meal Plans" and driving Kevin crazy with my efficiency and drill sergeant "It's Tuesday - no, you can't just have baked beans, I made carrot soup!" shrills.

Through reading Half Pint Pixie's super-wonderful-breastfeeding-fun blog, I discovered that I am not the only 'crazy out there' who preplans/cooks/bakes for the week ahead. Through her blog, I found this excellent little gem of an organization haven - check it out for all of your psychosis.

Here is my Meal Plan for the week:

Monday - Carrot and Cumin Soup with Bread and Olive Oil
Tuesday - Aubergine, Spinach and Tofu Tomato Sauce with Spirilina Noodles (no, K - I will let you have your regular Whole Wheat)
Wednesday - Beanie Buddies and Baked Veg (I found that baked veg is actually pretty nummy even when made the weekend ahead).
Thursday - Quick Chickpea Curry
Friday - Marinated Tofu Steaks with White Asparagus

This new habit has also turned my fridge from a potential pit of rotting and disorganized fruit and veg into a tupperware wonderland. Love it!

In other foodly news, it was on our most recent trip to London that I truly had my vegan restaurant experiences taken to a next level of ohmygodness. I have to tell you about Saf, and I have to share the menu, though, no menu in a written format could ever illuminate the reality of this food's awesomeness.

The service is shite. I have to be honest. I was totally disappointed by the disorganized and almost rude approach they have taken to customer service at this place. We had made reservations, and had our printed out confirmation email in our hands, but they acted as though they had never heard of us and were being put upon to find us a table. Throughout the meal they were slow with drinks and sloppy with server continuity, which is never nice. But, the food made up for the dodgie service. We both had great appetizers - mine was the raw sushi (they replaced the rice with ground parsnips), K had raw beet and cashew ravioli. Both treats were divine. My main was also raw, while K went in for something a little more warm. My Swiss Chard wraps were filled with Mung Bean sprouts and some alfalfa, while the plate was made complete with a couple of Seaweed Salad piles of goodness. The raw walnut and pumpkin cheesecake was insane and I am still harbouring nasty feelings towards K for actually following through on his promise to 'share' the slice. If you are in London - you really should check this place out. Well worth the kick in the pants service.

Lots of nummy pictures and posts to follow! Happy Blogging and Eating to Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! So excited to meet another vegan Mama. Happy nesting to you!! :-)

Virginia said...

i am so glad you are posting again!! i love your menu, everything on it sounds great!!

Katy said...

I'm glad you're posting again! I hope the ex stays out of your life and away from your blogs!

That food sounds super yummy! I really need to go to London!

jessy said...

i got most happyfaced seeing your post! wahooooo! sorry about that silly ex!

isn't meal planning the best? dan & i spend a few hours each sunday cooking up a bunch of meal components for the week (grains, beans, rices, etc.) so our meals are super easy-peasy to throw together when the week gets busy. meal planning = the best! it saves money & food! wahooooo!

sorry the service @ Saf's service was kinda crappy, that's cool that their food was yummers though!

can't wait to see all your food porn! ahahaha! hooray! :D

half pint pixie said...

Hey thank you kindly for the compliment :) And yay for more vegan menu planners! I am a very bad menu planner, I can only manage to plan once every two weeks!

Lauren said...

Glad you are posting again! Sorry about the drama with the ex. Yuck! Your meals sound great! We always plan our meals out before grocery shopping, saves time and money!

Jen aka Jewbacca said...

i've missed you cowgirl! welcome back. just be careful riding in the saddle, it might induce labor-(giggle).

sorry about the ex. that is kind of creepy.

yay for meal planning!

Mihl said...

Welcome back!
I adore your meal planning abilities. I am way too chaotic to do this. Your menu sounds awesome and delicious.

Bianca said...

Glad you're back! And glad you finally told that bee-otch where to go. No need to have her snooping in ya'll's business. The menu plan sounds fantastic. Can I come live with ya'll? I could be a nanny or something, though I'm horrible with children...so um, nevermind.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Glad to see you back! I've experienced the same thing with exes becoming obsessed with blogs. It's crazy, huh? Hopefully she'll leave it alone now.

Sounds like you are doing well!! Your meal plan sounds awesome.

Sal said...

Another one glad you're posting again!!

I love the idea of meal planning, it really is something I should do cuz sometimes I get home and just stare into the fridge without a clue of what to cook!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back in the blogging world. I have missed reading your blog. Sorry to hear about the drama that was going on. People can really suck sometimes. How is the baby? I remember the nesting phase with Arthur and Adam's pregnancies. And I am a meal plan kind of gal. I hate wasting time, money or food, so it helps me. Hope you are well and your little one is too. Take care. Many blessings.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed you - I was hoping everything was ok and didn't want to pry. So sorry about the evilness. I've had my fair share of evilexyness and it's nasty. Hope it's over and done for good!

I want to see a picture of your belly!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. I always think about meal planning, but never actually get around to it. I need to organize my bits of "free" time better, but I'm too lazy!

Kristel (TofuParty) said...

Hey, glad your back. I missed your vegan adventures in our capital. And wondering how your belly is doing?

leslie said...

oh man, i LOVE the drama. thought i was the only one who had ex's reading up on me, ha ha! good for you for calling her out!