Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Cereal

Puffed Wheat and a sprig of mistletoe.

It was late, I was teary-eyed and what lay before my eyes? The ultimate Christmas treat. Okay, so it isn't your conventional Christmas treat, but it did the job.
Puffed Wheat, Unsweetened Soy Milk, a banana and a handful of walnuts (grieving doesn't mean missing out on one's EFAs).
I am a bit of a mess this festive holiday season. A mess to be sure.
Missing Wayne is a bit larger of a parcel than I had been anticipating. It has been under the tree all week, and I have been trying to avoid tearing it open. But I have it now and it fits like the pink sweater I got in 2004 - perfectly, but with a couple of itchies. Where is that pink sweater? Damn to hell all of this moving.

I am reading the most ridiculous novel, an 'alternate history' by H. Turtledove (I think this fellow missed the class on 'creating a pseudonym' in his writing workshop). This novel sees Queen Elizabeth the first imprisoned in the Tower of London; the Spanish Inquisition is in full swing and Catholicism is returned to the people of England. The BEST part of the book is that William Shakespeare is charged with saving the English people via a play. I love it. The language is so silly (as though the entire 'groundling' populace of early modern England spoke with the tongue of Spencer) and I can't get through more than 20 pages without coming across some overdone sex scene. Oh, and the best!!! The gay jokes that Shakespeare keeps hurling at Kit Marlowe...hilarious....the one about Kit being 'yolked' to one of his friends (Kit is enraged when Wil supposes he is a front man) is by far my favourite.

My sister told me a story the other day about the kindest thought ever directed my way ---- I was stupid and missed the entire moment......thank goodness I have my sister around to remind me of what I am missing in life.

To all a good day - Stacey: what are you doing for C dinner???? Please share!!! Oh, and no...there is no one.

Happy Tofu everyone!

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Dena said...

Your blog is good reading, Lyndsay. I miss your spirit, miss you. Tell your mom and sister I said HI. And your dog.

love, mountain boobs