Saturday, April 14, 2007

Like Aged Tofu

It has been ages since I have been blogging. Life has really taken me by the head and given me a good knock about. In the process, with a sick tummy, my experiments into the wide world of vegan cooking has slipped into the abibsmal state of rice, seaweed, soup and mushy brussell sprouts.
I headed to Urban Herbivore today with the intent of enjoying something that wasn't on the 'safe' list of happy tummy foods, and ended up with the DARING sweet potato muffin and curried cauliflower soup. Sore tummy followed and my day dragged along like the phantom stump of a wounded war veteran.
But...I have had a couple of clandestine meetings the last couple of days - and they have outshone the cloudiness that accompanies my sore tummy.
On the train last night - being rushed home through tunnels and over tracks - I was disturbed from my Neko Case ear-injection by the voice of a stranger "do they just give those away?" he was referring of course to my snazzy eco-chic Toronto Public Library cloth bag that was draped over my shoulder and filled to bursting with end of term Communications papers. We had a great conversation about tai chi and some interesting Korean Martial Art that I can't recall.
And than, this morning, over a cup of silk road chai tea, stepped in Soy Milk and sprinkled with cocoa, I met this amazing woman who is doing her PhD at York. We chatted for quite a bit about teaching, academics and jerk boys who live in the city and like to pose as scruffy 'cool' guys when they are 35.......anyway, great woman, great guy, great conversations. Makes a belly happy!

I plan to return here. I like it here.

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