Thursday, January 31, 2008

As usual, my head has been turned by something on S. Jackson's blog. This time it isn't a kick-ass soup recipe, or Valentine's Day vegan treats. Nothing so delectable as that. In an always evolving search to find something else to read, I clicked on the BlogHer link on FatFreeVeganKitchen and spent about 30 minutes of my morning cruising through some of the blogish postings on this 'women power' online community.

I wadded through the pregnancy/breast feeding-this, and weight loss-that (all of which I am sure is useful to loads of women - but not this one) and found some rather good posts on travel, natural beauty, sleep (see last post), cooking, non-profits, and books.

I also fell pray to thinking about 2008 in a goal oriented frame of mind. Goals are great, but I like to plan my year with crazy inventions like: the days of the week (saturday is my favourite), hours, months, calendars (the chinese one is pretty happening with all those animal friends to hook up with). But now, inspired by a Boca-advertisement-party of a contest, I am seeing the upcoming months slip away to be replaced by "wellness goals".

So here are some of my wellness goals for the year of the rat:

1. Eat less tofu and chick peas. Now, now. Don't get me wrong. I love tofu. I adore a good can of chickpeas. But, I have become analogous to the mom who reaches, without thought, like a robot for the box of Kraft Dinner, because, hey, it is Wednesday and we always have Kraft Dinner on Wednesday. I have it all there. The TVP, the lentils, the white beans. I just have to use them a little more. You can't have your vegan recipes going stale. That would be silly. And besides - I have a growing K at home to think about.

Update: for dinner, following the day that gave birth to this post I actually ate a stir fry that was comprised not ONLY of chickpeas, but of some left over tofu as well. Nice job.

2. Spend more time under the covers. I am getting better. Really, I am. The spring loaded 'up and at them' device has been disengaged (almost) on the weekends, but I have to learn to slow down, to soak up, to hunker down (into the duvet) and snuggle in.

3. Spend more time exercising outside. The gym is amazing! I love having it all to myself every morning. The machines are great, lots of free weights to keep my pipes a'pumping (kiss, kiss). But, I live in a great place for outside run-fun. Brussels is flat with mostly manageable temperatures (remember: I am Canadian - the idea of even (shock, horror) -5 in the winter months is essentially inviting me to run in my shorts!)

That all seems quite manageable, healthy and fun. Happy Goals = a Happy VeganCowGirl

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