Thursday, January 31, 2008

I just found a great site!

Following a link for the NoMeatPoWeek I stumbled upon The League of Maternal Justice. Run by two vigilante moms (with monacures: Pregerella and Lactivista) who have dedicated this site (and perhaps their lives when not breastfeeding) to various 'missions' that have the end result of saving the environment, detoxing communities and saving animals from the slaughter house. With the big goals come a great deal of attention and awareness raising. Way to go! I am happy to report that the 'boob squad' are Canadian moms and are so cool that they use comic book lingo and decals in their attempt to wave their diaper bags at the evils of the world.

I have to say that I am intrigued by the way these women subvert the stereotype of the 'mom' with their 'fighting the big fight' with our babies on our hip images. I quite like it. Through university and the last few years, one starts to feel that a choice is made at some point: be a super sassy vixen of a vegan with a PhD, save all the kitties, chickens and cows at risk, own a vegan restaurant, and have a couple of novels selling out around the world OR be a mom. It is nice to see women continue in the vein of my mother and her good friend mary rose who decided to be world champions and raise their children.

Let's hear it for breast milk!

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Her Bad Mother said...

As one of the vigilante moms behind the League, I gotta tell ya that your post here just warms my heart a BUNCH. To be praised for integrating 'mom' into activism and thoughtfulness and coolness is really great.

Thanks so much for the props!