Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mmmmm.....cauliflower curry and spirulina. Excellent combination.

As my evening accompaniment I have The Dears and the clinking of the dishes being done by someone else (one of the BEST benefits to cooking dinner). We just finished scarfing down a double curry and quinoa dinner. I tried a dry curry: cauliflower, peas and onion. But, damn it, I added too much cumin at the end and made something that I was anticipating a little less appetizing. The carrot, squash and sweet potato/tomato curry was much better, and will be a lunch feature next week.

I had a wonderful day today, a mirror to the golden day that kept a quiet cap over Brussels from early morning until the sun dipped down a few minutes later then it did the week before (so...around 4 4 5pm). We saw a rare saturday sunrise, as I couldn't keep myself asleep this morning - which, I am sure is a direct result of drinking way too much last night, and needing water more than I needed a couple more minutes of sleep. Luckily it was Saturday and I was off breakfast duty and had the pleasure of lazying about while the food I was about to break a fast with was being made for me. Not long after eating we were off and headed in separate directions for primming and preening - teachers can be pretty too. A quick customary coffee at The Coffee Club on Balli and we started for what was supposed to be a trip to Zara on Ave. Louise (continuing my endless search for 'pants' - which has only been made worse by leaving my favourite pair of black work pants at my mom's), however, before long I had found my way into my favourite funky shop and had snatched up the cutest dress and skirt.

We had a great lebanese lunch (I ordered a veg platter and only had to sacrifice the tzatizki and some fried cheese stick (always am I being reminded why I love the choice I made to be a vegan). After a brief Tori and Megan sighting (let's all say a prayer for M tonight.....Brussels needs more Megan), we headed for the antique shops behind Sablon and although we failed to find the bargain of a life time we had a million laughs, circa January 2008.

A quick pop into Tan, where we found (and bought) the biggest block of Tofu, some Spirulina tablets and some organic vanilla, we continued our trek home.

And here we sit with Quinta do Bispado in our hands and The Dears on the radio.

I am a snow horsie!!!!

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