Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mmmm...I am having a divinely relaxed lunch; I am managing to ignore all niggly feelings of guilt as K and others slog away at work, and here I am perched on my (uncomfortable) kitchen chair, having just finished up a really great 'Lyndsay Lunch' know...the girl-vegan-not-at-work-boyfriend-not-around kind of lunch. Ok, so maybe you don't know what I am talking about - some description will help:

1 handful of organic boston lettuce
about 20 coriander olives purchased last night on the market
some sultana raisins
5 or 6 asparagus tips (thanks Annie)
4 stuffed grape leaves
a couple of rice cakes

and....I think I might get around to a pear. Oh, wait. I need some tea. Ok, I am set.

Why am I home and enjoying a match making documentary compliments of This American Life? Well, today was my interview at the Ixelles commune. Despite the horror stories about Belgian bureaucracy, it was actually quite simple. Only a 5 minute delay. Rather then rushing back to work, I decided to lounge about in my new official status. Whop. Whop.

Beyond my self-reflections and this interesting documentary, I am also digging through a new 'blog network': SlashFood. I can't help curiosity, despite an awareness that Slash is connected to Turner Media. I admit to already finding a couple of interesting articles - not so bad. I want to believe the 'uncensored' testament I found on their About Us page...hmmmmm.

The tea was great, and the documentary a touch depressing. I have 21 little people to get to - the pear will have to wait.

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