Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wake Up the Right Way!

Oatmeal is about the only thing exciting enough to wake K up in the morning. He has potential grumble qualities effective only for about 30 minutes after getting up, but since the appearance of one particular little vegan, he has gone out of his way to check that. I have found that one excellent way to assuage him of any grumpy potential is to have a yummy breakfast waiting for him - it almost always works, and the preparation of breakfast seems to be a great outlet for the bundles of energy I seem to possess first thing in the morning (this is quite a mystery given my family's adoration for sleeping). It is fair to guarantee that every single morning in the Healey/Daniel home there will be a hairy boy eating some oatmeal with bananas and dried fruit; this boy can also be found drinking a glass of juice and sipping on some tea. There is also, very often, a vegan girl, chattering away over a bowl of puffed rice or soy yogurt.

I decided to be daring this morning, and went against all odds and all sense of probability, and subtracted the oatmeal from the mornings menu and replaced it with some fresh fruit, whole wheat toast and a little bit of rhubarb jam.

Kevin seemed to cope well with the change. And didn't even seem to notice that I forgot to turn on BBC 4 this morning. Ooops.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! My Brit is from Hertford, and is most definitely NOT a vegan *sad*. But yay for us both being vegan and owning (er, loving?) Brits!

Also - I passed on the "E for Excellent" blogger award to you :)

Jennifer said...

That sounds like the perfect breakfast. K should consider himself one lucky guy!

You can send any leftovers to Missouri right now!

Billy said...

The wedding is all coming together. Thanks for asking. It's happening in a week and a half.