Thursday, July 03, 2008

Unexpected Delights

The fridge is in that wretched pre-moving status. Just bits and pieces of yummies that wouldn't usually find each other in the same recipe. But, it seems that under this potentially dangerous dinner pressure, I was able to whip up three of the most lovely dishes I have turned out in quite some time.

The first dish is something that I have never attempted before - a warm salad. In the first few moments of inception this green goddess of goodness was heading towards the land of tabbouleh. However, with the recent couscous downturn (aka - I packed it in an unnamed box) in my pantry, and the four lonely left over taters hanging out in my wicked cool veg. hanger (I love you ReUse Centre in Burlington, I will be back one day....) I ended up with the following:

Warmest Summer Salad

4 taters: chopped, boiled, fried off with some olive oil
3 cups of chopped parsley
3 tomatoes
1 red pepper
lemon juice from one lemon
3 spring onions
5 sprigs of mint

The next dish was described by K as "This is guacamole meets hummus meets Japanese car crash"

I had to verify that this was a compliment...and, yes, it was! I admit, this dish was on the burning lips side of warm, but it was tasty. Next time (and there will be a next time) a little less wasabi.

Cultural Car Crash Dip

1 ripe avocado
1 tin of garbanzo beans
1 tablespoon of wasabi paste
1 squeeze of lemon

Whip and Dip!

Itty Bitty Berries and Cream

There was no way that I was letting the fresh little berries go to rotting food heaven, and they were already mega ripe when I lovingly scooped them up at the market last night. I covered the bottom of two ramakins with oats, agave syrup and a little bit of arrow root. I added the berries (black and raspberry), a bit of maple syrup, and more arrowroot. I topped the warmed-through dessert with some almond milk.


K and I are in the process of getting our lives tied up nice and neat before heading off to Italy for some well deserved (if I might say so) rest and relaxation. We have rented a house in The Marches (anglosized), which is a non-tourist location between the Sibillini Mountains and the coast. We are both really looking forward to the food markets, outdoor cooking opportunities and the loads of cool eats we will be able to experience. We don't head until the 19th, but with the move and all of this 'foot' stuff 'stuffed' in between now and the 19th - it does feel as though it is creeping up quickly. We get the keys tomorrow night!!

Oh, the other neat thing we are trying to finish up is a wedding website for all of the out of towners...have played with a couple of platforms - still not sure......should be neat though.


Rural Vegan said...

Letting fresh berries go to waste would indeed be a mortal sin! Good thing you used them up in such a tasty fashion!

Anonymous said...

I love the whimsical names of all your dishes, haha. Everything looks delicious! And happy belated Canada Day for Toronto.

VeganCowGirl said...

Thank Mad About Udon...When I was in graduate school the best part of completing an essay was always coming up with the titles....I adore titles. Thank you for noticing my little names.